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"We were experiencing a very severe virus problem on our PC's, to the point that we would be shut down for days at a time on a regular basis.

Our regular IT and another company we brought in were never able to solve the problem with the onslaught of virus attacks. We called Newport Networks from the phone book as a desperate measure. Much to our surprise, they responded that same day. We found them to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. I am happy to tell you that within hours they had diagnosed the problem and had a solution in place.

We have been virus-free now for many months. They are our new support for our in-house operations and we would recommend them highly to any company."

Cynthia L. McGinnis, Controller
Hippo Golf Company, Inc.
Orange, California

"Newport Networks has handled our Southern California locations for several years. Guy Rein and his staff are very knowledgeable and have performed any work we've needed admirably. And, as a matter of fact, we use them as problem solvers if we run into network issues we can't resolve locally or elsewhere in the country.

We had a problem routing through a Unix server and I could not understand or solve the problem. We turned to NNI and they were able to solve a very difficult problem for us."

Alan Anderson, System Administrator
Fresh America Produce
Arlington, TX

"We manufacture circuit boards and depend on email to do a lot of our data transfers. Several years ago I was assigned to be in charge of the company's computers and servers. I'm virtually computer illiterate. So, when Newport Networks came in to help me they took the time to explain everything to me. They were wonderful about that!

Often I would have to call for help on an emergency basis. Newport Networks would come almost immediately and would stay until the problem was solved. I can call them at any time, any day, and know that I'll get a call back within an hour, weekends included!
Last year we changed Internet providers. It was a nightmare! I worked closely with Newport Networks for eight months as we made the transfer. The transition was completed on schedule without any email or Internet downtime!"

Nancy Alaksin, Purchasing Agent
Velie Circuits, Inc.
Costa Mesa, CA

"I've worked with Newport Networks for about five years at two different companies. The biggest issue for me is that when I call for help it's always important to them. There has never been a time when I felt....well, I'm just not that important.

Newport Networks is excellent to work with. I always get a quick response from them. They are always on time and get right to work. They listen to what you say. They are like a doctor who actually listens to your symptoms! They listen carefully and ask the appropriate questions to find out what the problem is. That is terribly important!

No matter what the problem, a crashed server, virus attacks, or just a loose cable -- they fix the problem and never make you feel stupid. That's why I like working with the people from Newport Networks!"

LuAnn Baxter
New West Home
Newport Beach, CA

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